Tantra Consciousness

  • group: 30 - 40
  • intense whole day program
  • from 1750 euro
  • in English

An encounter with Homa & Mukto, dedicated to self-knowledge and openness to love through Tantra. A “Yes” for life, for love and for the natural flow of our own energy.

The opening of the heart provides a “cool breeze” that dispels the frustration that many of us may feel around intimacy.

Neither indulgent nor repressive, Tantra Consciousness will help you to say yes to life; to allow the pleasure of the senses and to experience the silence of meditation.

Intimacy and joy come naturally when we can be in a state of presence. This brings us closer to ourselves, to our partners and to this precious present moment.


  • Your entire stay

    Light, spacious and comfortable rooms with great mattresses, en-suite bathroom with shower, toilet, basin and vegan body care products. Decorated with heart, soul and lots of natural materials. Stunning views on the surroundings.

  • Healthy food

    Our vegetarian food during retreats is homemade and mostly from local farmers. We have a very good knowledge of food allergies and intolerances. We can cook delicious without gluten, dairy or anything else you might have to leave out. Enjoy three meals a day and an afternoon snack & vitamin shot.

  • Access to all facilities

    You will experience the tranquil atmosphere of Soul Valley upon arrival. Dive into the sea-view pool and cleansing saunas. Activities take place in the light and spacious yoga hall and the outside yoga plateau. Discover the relax areas on the site, panoramic meditation spot uphill and walking trails. It's possible to book an additional massage.


Throughout these days you will be guided to explore and strengthen different dimensions of the human experience: our strength, vulnerability, sensitivity and most importantly the ability to love ourselves and others.

As we create more interior space limiting conditioning lose its power. With new courage and confidence we experience ourselves as vibrant and alive beings feeling the love that surrounds us.

A transformational experience for people looking for:

  • Reconnecting with your vital energy.

  • Building healthy and true relationships.

  • Going beyond inhibitions, insecurities and blockages.

  • Understanding tradeoffs and allowing for vulnerability.

  • Exploring and expanding the depth intimacy and pleasure you can give and receive.

  • Allowing the pleasure of the senses and the silence of meditation to extend to one another.

  • Connecting to the heart and experiencing the present moment from this loving and sensitive space.

Arrival is on Saturday after 3 pm. The intense program with Homa & Mukto is five full days with a day before and after in order for you to get the most out of it. Check-out is Saturday morning.

  • Intense whole day program

  • With breathing, meditation, presence and tantric exercises

  • Incredible surroundings and facilities

Retreat hosts

Homa Mukto

Homa & Mukto

Homa and Mukto are internationally renowned meditation and tantra teachers.

For more than 30 years they have facilitated workshops and trainings all over the world and touched the lives of thousands of people from different cultures, economic backgrounds, and ages.

They are loved and respected for their simplicity and their ability to transmit what they teach not only through words, but also through their presence.

After having met the Indian mystic Osho, their paths crossed in the early 80s. A deep and lasting friendship developed that offered enough space for them to grow separately without ever growing apart. To this day, embracing their differences has been the source that keeps their work fresh and alive.

It soon became clear that both possessed a gift and the necessary passion to work with people. Over the years they had the good fortune to be trained by many world class therapists and teachers in a variety of techniques and approaches.

After years of exploring and facilitating diverse processes on subjects like chakra work, energy reading, past life, esoteric sciences, and the importance of meditation and present moment awareness, Homa and Mukto developed their own work: bringing awareness, truthfulness and love to sexuality and intimacy.

During the last years they have shared their work in more than 30 countries, given trainings in major growth centers, lead events at tantra festivals, appeared on radio and TV, and, most importantly, they have passed on their work to a new generation of facilitators, who are ready to bring more love into this world.

Retreat into nature - header

Retreat into nature

Situated in a small private valley with stunning views over the nearby azure blue Mediterranean Sea and surrounding mountains. Enjoy true silence, clean air and starry nights to recharge from your busy daily life. Discover the walking trails around the property and the panoramic meditation spots uphill.

Soul Valley Map

Things to know

Practical info

  • Check-in Saturday from 3 pm
  • Check-out Saturday before 10 am
  • No alcohol
  • (Electricial) smoking only in designated area
  • Minimum age 18
  • Additional massages available


You can choose between our Early Bird Rate and Standard Rate. The discounted Early Bird Rate requires full prepayment by bank transfer or card, and in case you cancel you'll receive a voucher for 70%. A voucher is transferable and valid for three years. With the Standard Rate you pay a 30% non-refundable deposit after your booking, the rest can be paid by bank or upon arrival by card.


If your stay needs to be cancelled by Soul Valley due to new COVID-19 related traveling limitations, you will receive a full refund.

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